James and Bobby Wilson founded the Snow Camp Outdoor Theatre in 1973. Their respect for the Quaker way of life and their peaceful contributions to history, moved him to bring The Sword of Peace, and Pathway to Freedom to the beautiful Cane Creek region of Snow Camp, North Carolina, as Historical Outdoor Dramas that run annually at the Snow Camp Outdoor Theatre.

The Snow Camp Historical Drama Society, a non-profit organization, manages the theatre and historical site along with the help of a team of dedicated volunteers.


Board of Directors

President -- Chuck Fager

Treasurer -- David Hobson

Secretary -- Linda McBane

Del Faucette

Elijah Chester

Carlyle Teague

April 13, 2018–The Snow Camp Outdoor Theatre Board voted Thursday to keep the Drama operating, but to defer its next season of plays until 2019. This summer it will focus on overdue maintenance and repairs to the stage and the site, and testing some new program ideas.

“The Snow Camp Theatre is more than our two classic plays, ‘The Sword of Peace’ and ‘Pathway to Freedom.’” said Board President Chuck Fager. “It’s also a historic site. Snow Camp has lived through peace and wars, slavery and its aftermath, and has seen many other big changes.

“Our original mission included developing a museum with educational and interpretive programs. Besides the Ampitheater, we have gathered several historic buildings and many antique objects. The site is one of the undiscovered jewels of the region.

“But with the overwhelming demands of putting on 44 seasons of plays, much of this physical plant has been neglected. But many repairs and upgrades can’t be put off any longer. The Board decided the work of fitting these pieces into a coherent whole including the site and the plays has been let slide too long,” Fager said.

A fundraising crunch for the 2018 season underlined the need to regroup. The Board considered whether to shut down the project entirely, and unanimously rejected that option.

“We agreed that despite the challenges, the Snow Camp Drama still has an important contribution to make to this community and the public. We voted to continue fundraising to build needed support for a full season next year, along with working on the site. We will also be trying out some new events, beginning with a ‘Juneteenth’ dramatic presentation on June 16.”

“We’re very grateful to all those who have supported the Drama this year,” Fager said. “We’re determined to make those contributions ‘pay off’ in creative drama and keeping the rich and exciting history of this region alive for today and future generations.”