We are a regional repertory theatre that brings the voices of the past into the hearts and minds of a modern audience from around the world by producing engaging historical dramas that inspire and entertain.


We seek to be a destination of entertainment and education at the state and national level accomplished by hiring professional artists partnered with young artists in the early stages of their careers to help train, support and develop their craft; to use a variety of educational programs to engage the youth of our communities to broaden their understanding of culture, history and the world around them; and we endeavor to use our theatre as a vessel for bringing together all peoples to a common bond of community.

James and Bobby Wilson founded the Snow Camp Outdoor Theatre in 1973. Their respect for the Quaker way of life and their peaceful contributions to history, moved him to bring The Sword of Peace, and Pathway to Freedom to the beautiful Cane Creek region of Snow Camp, North Carolina, as Historical Outdoor Dramas that run annually at the Snow Camp Outdoor Theatre.

The Snow Camp Historical Drama Society, a non-profit organization, manages the theatre and historical site along with the help of a team of dedicated volunteers.

Board of Directors

President -- Del Faucette

Treasurer -- David Hobson

Secretary -- Linda McBane

Elijah Chester, General Manager

Carlyle Teague