A Note to our friends and supporters:

We are currently not producing our historical dramas, "Pathway to Freedom" or "Sword of Peace" on our main stage.

However, we want you to know we have NOT stopped planning and visioneering ways to resurrect our precious historic theatre. At the moment, we are facing major costs for rebuilding, renovation, relocating facilities, and generally bringing the infrastructure up to modern legal codes. Our facilities are, after many years of lack of restoration, not condusive to housing actors and production staff, nor properly and professionally producing quality theatre in our facilities. This on top of designing a business and organizational model that will take us into the distant future without bringing us right back to the place we find ourselves now. We have a growing Vision Team who are putting their heads and ideas together and we are confident that we will prevail.

I know to the casual viewer, it doesn't seem like anything is being done to solve the issue, but trust me when I say we are all PASSIONATE about saving this precious gem of Alamance County.

Once we start seeing certain details fall into place, we are excited to see our future live into our Mission and Vision here at Snow Camp Outdoor Theatre. So stick with us, suppport us, and stay tuned as the journey continues!

Summer 2019 events hosted on our historic campus


We are a semi-professional theatre company that brings the voices of the past into the hearts and minds of a modern audience from around the world by producing engaging historical dramas that inspire and entertain.


We seek to be a destination of entertainment and education at the state and national level accomplished by hiring professional artists partnered with young artists in the early stages of their careers to help train, support and develop their craft; to use a variety of educational programs to engage the youth of our communities to broaden their understanding of culture, history and the world around them; and we endeavor to use our theatre as a vessel for bringing together all peoples to a common bond of community.